Curriculum is Not the Key

Take a break from curriculum chaos and get the tools to figure out what you really need.

“You’ve decided to homeschool, but now you’re wondering where to start. It’s not with the curriculum! Are you surprised?”

Get Curriculum is Not the Key and find out what to do first!

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Here’s what moms are saying about Curriculum is Not the Key.

“When I got to the end, I felt super empowered and excited to take on homeschooling. It was a journey to get to know myself and my child better and to see more clearly what matters to our homeschool, and I was ready for my adventure!” Kamille, future homeschool mom

“‘So, what curriculum are you using?’ seems to be everyone’s first question when they hear our plan. I put a lot of pressure on myself by feeling like I owe them an answer, or that I should have it all figured out by now . . . I feel like a weight has been lifted!” Megan, new homeschool mom

“A great tool to help bring focus and clarity to even an established homeschooling mom.” Justine, currently homeschooling mom